Whatever you're doing out there tonight, do it safe. & whatever you do in 2011 do it BIG!



Recently on the Urban Outfitters I came across a polka-dotted shirt that looked straight out of the 1950's that I loved. They didn't have my size (so sad) but I went to the brand's website and fell in love with their affordable dresses! Called Motel, the brand is based in the UK and has a lot of vintage silhouettes that I've had trouble finding at newer stores. These dresses are my favorites, I'm going to need a black dress soon I'm thinking about the long sleeved striped one...


barcelona, te amo

I have wanted to go to Barcelona ever since I saw the Cheetah Girls 2. When I found this lace shirt the other day at Fashion Showcase Boutique I thought it would be perfect for Spain! I will definitely get there one day, when I get my money right... But until then I can pretend wearing this shirt, these American Apparel disco pants in gray or black, my forever 21 flower in my hair and watching this video on youtube! (don't judge me)


rose art deco

This weekend I was in Miami Shores & happened upon a great vintage shop called Fashion Showcase Boutique. What's so unique about the store is that it is actually non-profit & all of its profits go towards college scholarships. The shop is owned by an amazing woman, Laura Anscher, was a model back in the day, rubbed shoulders with the likes of Oscar de la Renta, married 4 times to wealthy men & probably has stories for days. For some reason Ms. Anscher took a liking to me, & as I was leaving she said she wanted to give me a gift & to pick out anything in the shop! I had been eyeing the beautiful rose quartz necklace you see above the whole time we'd talked, so of course I picked it. Sigh...I'm in love. I also bought this spider pin. If you're ever in the Miami Shores area check it out. 

Fashion Showcase Boutique
 11091 Biscayne Blvd. 
Miami, FL 33161
(305) 200-3160


blueberry sky

F21 shirt, F21 pants, Chinese Laundry boots

The drive over the bridge to Miami Beach is THE most beautiful scene Miami has to offer. I try to drive slow every time I go over the bridge to take it all in. I am definitely happy to be home I could not be outside with no jacket on like this in VA! It was in the 30's last week when I was packing though so I didn't bring any sandals, but now it's in the 70's & I'm stuck stomping around in these boots for the next 3 weeks...